Lamonicas Pizza Dough

WIX - Developed a Food Service website for a Pizza manufacturing company that is informational about the product and their distributors.

Lamonicas NY Pizza

WIX - Developed a Pizza Restaurant website that caters to the UCLA community and has been around since 1980.

The Women’s Building

WordPress - Responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the organization's website using WordPress. Bring the organization's vision to life while maintaining the organization’s brand style.

CURYJ WordPress Redesign

WordPress - Collaborated with the Communications Director to improve the organization's website structure and appearance, implementing the desired WordPress theme.

UFC Website

WEBFLOW - Designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website for sharing the collective’s mission, film showcasing, and resource collection.

WEBFLOW - Developed a Webflow site that was easy for the organization to update in terms of the changing staff, upcoming events, and announcements.

Happy Clients

These are some of the organizations I've provided and continue to support on website design and development, website redesign, on-going maintenance, content management and IT support services.

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